The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology 16th Biennial Symposium

Nuclear Winter is an interactive installation and performance space presented as a microcosm of our current and trans-historical political climate.

This commission features construction materials – brick, canvas, rope, and motor – layered against the seemingly invisible technologies of digital surveillance. Bricks are stacked in playful arrangements of walls or towers and viewers are invited to deconstruct, rearrange, and rebuild. The space undergoes continuous transformation with shifting boundaries and barriers, but the underlying programming remains consistent. Mechanisms of control prolong a dominance of “whiteness” in the space.

Choreographer and performer Gregory King creates a place for himself within the installed landscape. He uses dance as a social text and performs rituals of lived experience. As in life, he negotiates his blackness within the context of white spaces – never stopping to ask permission or forgiveness.

Date:  February 15 – 17, 2018

Location: The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College

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