King Confirmed To Perform in “Past Due” at Zygote Press in Cleveland

January 24 – February 14
Exhibition: Past Due / curator Megan Young
Opening Reception: Friday, January 24 / 6pm – 8pm
Curator Talk: Friday, January 24 / 6:30pm

Considering reparations, debt, and currency while exploring transactional, moral, and communal accountability.

Confirmed Artists

  • Monica Brown
  • Amber Ford
  • Gregory King
  • September Shy
  • Haydee Souffrant
  • RA Washington
  • DeAllen Young

This group exhibition foregrounds the need for reparations in the United States. Artists from Cleveland, Chicago, and New York converge to call-in what is owed. Printed works, original texts, sculptural pieces, adornment, new media, and embodied action fill the gallery. Each artist has devised their own methods of measure, collection, or offering with approaches ranging from popular culture to myth.

This is a past due notice, and the debt is mounting. By conservative accounting, a population of around 2 million enslaved individuals worked an average of ten hours a day, year round for a period of no less than 70 years in the United States. What is the measure of their stolen labor in dollars, in time, and in artifacts? How could we reconcile the trauma endured through Jim Crow, predatory lending, redlining, prison industrial complex, and the systemic devaluation of Black labor and goods?

What mediums of exchange could even begin to resolve a debt of this magnitude? Artists consider the alchemy of currency — combining psychology and symbolism to commoditize time, sweat, and genius. They acknowledge the limitations of currency — attempting, without success, to transfer worth from actions to objects. Given these complications, they define reparations’ terms of repayment in a currency of their own design.

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