Joy as Resistance, a Peaceful Protest

Joy as resistance’—a Kent State professor is calling out his industry and taking action.

Gregory King, a professor of dance at Kent State, is organizing a unique sort of Black Lives Matter protest at 2 p.m. Saturday at Dan Smith Community Park in downtown Kent.

“Dancing in Solidarity” is billed as a peaceful, social distancing protest, “calling on Kent community to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.”

In a recent essay, King called out the dance community for being too quiet on racism.

“Being Black and working in predominantly or all white dance spaces, I have felt unsupported and silenced,” he wrote. “This is also a type of violence — when dance organizations peddle majority-white leadership. Decisions from curatorial choices to which choreographer gets presented (or not) often privilege white and Western styles of dance. This can make Black and brown dancers feel invalidated or erased as their identities and cultures are rarely represented in programming.”

Click here to view the quoted article.

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